What is a Sump Pump Basin

What is a sump pump basin? Is a basin necessary when installing a sump pump or waterproofing system? Why did my contractor tell me I don’t need one? These questions are asked by homeowners with wet crawl spaces and basements that want to address standing water.

I have seen sump pumps without a basin and sump pump basins with no holes, with holes, and even made of a trash can or 5-gallon bucket. You’d think something as important and damaging as flooded basements and crawl spaces would have the best waterproofing system installation possible.

image of sump pump basin

A sump pump basin or crock is designed to house and protect the sump pump. It is also designed to allow moisture to enter in and around the sump pump so it can move water faster.

Can I Use a Bucket as a Basin

I did a video in a crawl space that a company, not the homeowner or DIYer, installed a 5-gallon bucket as a sump pump basin. Can you imagine paying a “professional” to install a $4 bucket as a basin? Not only that, but they did not install it correctly.

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Tips to Install a Sump Pump Basin

  1. Make sure the basin is perforated or has weep holes. We like basins with weep holes on the sides only, but on the bottom is ok too.
  2. Bury the basin in the ground so the top is level with the earth.
  3. Surround the bottom and sides of the basin with an aggregate or gravel that is larger than the weep holes. This will help keep mud and dirt out of the basin. For sandy conditions a landscape fabric can be wrapped around the basin.
  4. Make sure the basin has a lid to keep animals and bugs out. This will also prevent water from evaporating. This can help control humidity and cause your dehumidifier to run less.
  5. Use a Dranjer Drain. Installing the sump pump to only address groundwater is hindering the basin. The Dranjer Drain allows moisture to enter the sump pump basin from above.
  6. Bonus Tip: Install a battery back-up to further protect your investment. Power outages and flooding seem to happen together.

I hope you found this information useful. Please comment below if you have any questions or would like to say hello. I am also putting a video series for you to watch about sump pumps below.

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