What is the Best Way to Dry Out a Crawl Space?

Many people ask us, “What is the best way to dry out a crawl space?” In short, the Ninja Way! We have found that, especially in coastal North Carolina, the Crawl Space Ninja System to be especially effective at drying out crawl spaces with a three-part approach.

However, before we get into how this system works, we need understand the symptoms.

Why is My Crawl Space Wet?

With few exceptions, wet crawl spaces are caused by a combination of moisture from the air and ground water within the active soil zone of the home. One simply exacerbates the other. As water penetrates and permeates the earth, wood, and masonry within a crawl space (hydrostatic pressure), humid air enters through open vents (positive airflow). Both permeate the existing insulation, which accepts the moisture like a kitchen sponge. The net result is not unlike a greenhouse effect. Yikes!

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3 Things To Do for a Dry Crawl Space

Now that we have laid the groundwork of understanding and diagnosing the problem, let us discuss solutions! Three to be exact:

  1. Replacing R-19 fiberglass batting insulation with termite-resistant foam board.
  2. Installing a water management system featuring NDS products.
  3. Creating a negative air flow generated by a top-of-the-line active ventilation system and dehumidifier.

These three simple, but effective steps work together to eliminate the moist air and displace ground water. Furthermore, when you use quality products like we do and maintain them properly, you create a dry crawl space for years and years. This will ultimately preserve the structural integrity of your home and its foundation.

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