4 Ways to Use Butyl Tape for Homes and Automobiles

There are many ways to use butyl tape around the home, office or repairing automobiles. Butyl tape is a synthetic rubber adhesive that is more affordable than silicone, acrylic or polyurethane adhesives. It has a very high degree of adhesion that allows it to bond instantly to many materials.

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#1 Use Butyl Tape for Crawl Space Encapsulation

The reason Crawl Space Ninja sells butyl tape in our DIY Store is to help the DIYer adhere the vapor barrier to walls and pillars. Butyl tape is a great way to lend a hand at holding up the wall plastic so you can permanently attach it to the walls and pillars. Many say to use butyl tape only but we see it fail over time if used by itself. Most adhesives lose their effectiveness when exposed to moisture or sunlight. Make sure to use Christmas tree fasteners or a masonry nail or screw to permanently hold the wall vapor barrier.

Butyl tape also creates a seal between the wall plastic and the foundation wall. Many people feel this is important to keep moisture from escaping under the crawl space vapor barrier. Never use butyl tape, silicone or acrylic in radon projects. The only approved sealant for radon mitigation is polyurethane.

#2 Use Butyl Tape to Seal Metal Roof to Metal Siding

One of the main applications of butyl tape is the seal the side and end las on metal roofing. Let’s face it there are more roofing contractors than crawl space encapsulation contractors that use rubberized tape because every building has a roof. Metal roofing has become extremely popular and butyl tapes come in a one sided and two sided option. We have both available on the Ninja DIY store. When rubberized tape is installed properly on metal roof systems, it creates an effective moisture barrier. This seal also keeps out dirt, air and allergens and can make your home more energy efficient.

RV Window Sealant Repair is #3

The windows of the RV get hammered by the elements and this can cause window seals to expand and contract. The weathering of the window seals of older RVs and travel trailers causes the non-butyl putty to harden and become brittle. The older putty is more susceptible to weather damage in RVs than many newer models that use butyl tapes. When repairing the window seal make sure you remove all old putty materials before installing the butyl tape.

#4 Air Seal Duct-work

Many experts estimate up to 25% of the air traveling in your ducts is lost to non conditioned spaces. This could include losing the air to attics, crawl spaces, garages, outside or the interior of your walls. Sealing ducts can save you money and make your home more comfortable. Using mastics or butyl tapes can help. Make sure you invest in projects that will pay long term like duct cleaning and sealing for better indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

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