Radiant Barrier

Reduce Radiant Heat  +  Keep Your Home Cooler

How Radiant Barriers Work

Heat transfers very easily from warm areas to cooler areas. The Sun's radiant heat can make roof temperatures sore to over 150 degrees, causing attic temperatures to easily reach 120-130 degrees. That heat can even reach the attic floor and transfer right into your living space.

Radiant barrier reduces this heat from the roof decking by reflecting the radiant heat back out of the attic and helps keep areas below where it is installed cooler.

Radiant barrier comes in many forms, from bubble wrap to a thin material like aluminum foil, and is a great way to reduce radiant heat and keep your attic cool in the summer.

Benefits of a Cool Attic

A cool attic will not rob your A/C in the summer and is better for the longevity of any mechanical devices in the attic like the HVAC unit or air ducts. A cool attic will also prolong the life of your shingles and make your home more comfortable in the summer.

Solar Attic Fans

A solar attic fan installed on the roof or gable is a great way to add even more energy savings and cool temperatures to your attic and your home. Our solar attic fans are very quiet, use zero electric and come with an unbeatable limited lifetime warranty.

Radiant Barrier Cost

Radiant barrier cost will depend on a few factors but mainly the size and pitch of your attic. If insulation is present or very deep this can also have an affect on cost of radiant barriers. It's always best to have an in-home assessment to determine cost.

Choosing Radiant Barrier

When deciding the type of radiant barrier to install, here are 3 key areas to look for:

  1. Non-laminated radiant barrier
  2. Protective coating applied
  3. Passes newest fire codes

How to Install Radiant Barrier

Many contractors today are installing radiant barrier incorrectly by placing it directly on the floor of the attic.

According to the Department of Energy, this causes radiant barrier to lose it's effectiveness very quickly and can also trap moisture and lead to mold.