Extra Large Capacity and Quiet Dehumidifier

Extra large capacity dehumidifiers that are also quiet are a rare find. Many of the dehumidifiers used to dry large areas over 3,500 square feet tend to be extremely loud. That was until now. Say hello to the Aprilaire E130 Extra Large Capacity and Super Quiet Dehumidifier. Compared to others in its class, the E130…

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5 Features Every Dehumidifier Needs

Crawl space dehumidifiers are vital at controlling humidity in the crawl space and the rest of your home and I am listing 5 features every dehumidifier needs. Many homeowners are looking for the best features without wasting money on unnecessary bells and whistles. I have put together a list of some of the top features…

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Using Smart Technology to Monitor Humidity

Using smart technology to monitor humidity levels is a great way to ensure your home’s indoor air quality issues are noticed in real time. The lack of information when it comes to your home’s health can be devastating. The toilet leak that goes unnoticed can cause major damage and mold issues. Leaky toilets can raise…

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Should I Dehumidify My Crawl Space

Many homeowners are asking, “Should I Dehumidify My Crawl Space”? Many contractors are saying all you need are fans to control humidity in the crawl space. What’s the best solution to controlling humidity in the crawl space? We recommend a minimum of three things that every crawl space located in a humid environment requires. 1.…

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Should I Install a Dehumidifier in My Garage?

featured image_Should I install a dehumidifier in garage

I see many homeowners leaving their garage door open in the summer. I imagine they are attempting to allow fresh air into the garage or make a way for their pets to enter. No matter the motive, leaving the garage door open when it is humid outside can affect your indoor air quality. So, should…

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How Do I Lower Humidity in My Crawl Space

featured image_How Do I Lower Humidity in My Crawl Space

How do you effectively lower humidity in your crawl space to prevent mold and wood rot fungus? There are many ways to lower humidity in the crawl space and the #1 solution will be to add a properly sized dehumidifier but there is more. Crawl Space Vapor Barrier and Humidity If you own a home…

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Does a Dehumidifier Kill Mold

featured image__Does a Dehumidifier Kill Mold

Does a dehumidifier kill mold in my crawl space, basement, living space or attic? Is a dehumidifier needed for proper mold remediation? Is a Dehumidifier Good at Killing Mold? Many years ago, contractors were telling my customers and potential customers that I was charging them for a service they did not need. I was educating…

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Aprilaire Ventilating Dehumidifier is Single Solution for Multitude of IAQ Problems

featured image_Aprilaire Ventilating Dehumidifier (E100V + 8190FF) b&w

The Aprilaire Ventilating Dehumidifier (E100V + 8190FF) combines two Indoor Air Quality solutions—Aprilaire’s new Model E100V e-series Dehumidifier and patent-pending ventilation control—into one simple machine for effective virus protection, balanced humidity, and energy efficiency. Ventilating Dehumidifier – Filter Out Airborne Contaminants A basement or crawl space is a perfect environment for Indoor Air Quality issues…

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