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Does a Dehumidifier Kill Mold

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Does a dehumidifier kill mold in my crawl space, basement, living space or attic? Is a dehumidifier needed for proper mold remediation?

Is a Dehumidifier Good at Killing Mold?

Many years ago, contractors were telling my customers and potential customers that I was charging them for a service they did not need. I was educating the homeowner that mold remediation is needed in addition to controlling humidity for a healthy crawl space. The internet was not as actively used then as it is today, so it was sometimes challenging to inform homeowners about proper mold removal processes.

Fast forward over 15 years and the same myths are being told today like a dehumidifier will kill mold, or the sump pump will lower humidity. Why do contractors insist on spreading misinformation? I think it is because they want to appear cheaper than their competitors at solving crawl space issues.

Dehumidifiers ARE NOT designed to kill mold. The purpose of the dehumidifier is to lower humidity, which in turn should dry the crawl space wood. The dried wood in the crawl space is needed for proper mold remediation and mold prevention in order to keep the crawl space free of wood rot fungus and mold. But a dehumidifier should never be used in place of proper mold remediation by a certified crawl space contractor.

Mold Prevention and the Dehumidifier

Below is a video of myself and Brian of Aprilaire discussing the role the dehumidifier plays in the overall health of your crawl space, basement, and living space. When the dehumidifier is utilized properly it is great at addressing all sorts of indoor air quality issues. These issues include mold prevention, virus prevention, and more. Here is an article about proper humidity and its effect on your home and indoor air quality.

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