Avoid These Waterproofing Mistakes in a Crawl Space

avoid crawl space waterproofing mistakes

I know a list of 15 waterproofing mistakes made in a crawl space seems a bit extreme, but I wanted to share the mistakes we see homeowners and contractors make when fixing a flooded crawl space. Keep in mind many of these mistakes are made from cheapness or corner cutting and should be avoided. If…

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Exterior Drainage – Hydraway vs French Drain

When waterproofing your home using exterior drainage options, many choose the french drain. But is there something better? Homes will take on water more frequently when the exterior drainage system has failed to perform as intended. Over the years, footer drains, french drains, curtain drains, and downspout extensions get clogged. The clogging disables the yard’s…

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Yard Drainage Contractor

Finding a good yard drainage contractor can be difficult. Most companies address water issues from the outside only. While other companies only focus on interior waterproofing. Crawl Space Ninja feels a balance approach is best. Do everything possible to redirect surface and subsurface water away from your home’s foundation. While also ensuring that water intrusion…

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