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Yard Drainage Contractor

Finding a good yard drainage contractor can be difficult. Most companies address water issues from the outside only. While other companies only focus on interior waterproofing. Crawl Space Ninja feels a balance approach is best. Do everything possible to redirect surface and subsurface water away from your home's foundation. While also ensuring that water intrusion from failed footer drains or rising water tables may also need a solution.

Diagnosing Yard Drainage Problems

Being a waterproofing and yard drainage contractor arms us with the knowledge to assess and diagnose your yard drainage issues. While also recognizing that an exterior fix may just be part of the solution. We look at things like:

  1. Standing water on the driveway
  2. Water building up in the planter area
  3. Downspouts that won't drain
  4. Flooded basement or crawl space
  5. Slow draining water in the yard, patio or pool area

These are symptoms of poor yard drainage. Over time these problems can cause minor issues like dead grass and sopping yards but can lead to major problems like flooded basements, high humidity, mold and wood rot fungus.

High Quality Drainage Products

Being a waterproofing and yard drainage contractor gives us access to high quality products for your yard drainage, basement waterproofing, and crawl space encapsulation project. Your flooding problem may require downspout extensions, a curtain drain, and a full interior water management system. Hiring a yard drainage and waterproofing contractor that can install all of these systems is important.

Yard Drainage Catch Basins

Catch basins are great for capturing large amounts of roof runoff. These decorative and functional products not only help get the water away from your home but help make your home beautiful in the process.

Image of NDS Catch Basin

The catch basin is designed to capture large volumes of water and can be fitted with a filter to catch debris in order to reduce clogs. These attach directly to sewer and drain pipe or Hydraway pipe.

Flo-Wells for Yard Drainage

Also known as a dry well. The Flo-Wells can handle extremely large volumes of water. They can also be configured in yards that are at the bottom of a hill and take rain water from the area. Flo-Wells collect, retain and discharge storm water. They offer a gravel free solution to yard drainage problems.

Image of NDS FloWell

The NDS Flo-Well is environmentally friendly and made from 100% recycled materials. It can be setup to filter storm water naturally through the subsurface. This can help reduce pollutants while replenishing ground water tables by discharging storm water on site.

Hydraway Yard Drainage System

Hydraway has made a gravel free yard drainage product that can be used outside or inside the basement or crawl space. The Hydraway Waterproofing System can handle large and small projects and will ensure the project is completed correctly. Hydraway can be used in:

Pop-Up Emitter

The pop-up drainage emitter is the discharge point of your water drainage system. This products keeps mice and other small mammals from entering and clogging your drainage system. The pop-up emitter also helps beautify your lawn without creating trouble for landscapers and mowers.

Image of NDS PopUp Emitter

The patented spring-loaded cap opens to allow water to exit and closes to secure the pipe. This is also a great product to use for sump pumps that may be located in the basement or crawl space. The pop-up drainage emitter with elbow is an easy, safe, and efficient solution to any drainage needs.

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