3 Things Your Home Needs to Survive a Humid Climate


Living in a humid climate can be a challenge, especially when it comes to maintaining your home and goods. After all, mildew, mold, fungi, and water damage could potentially put your valuables at risk. This could be because you live in a particularly rainy area, or it might be because of the river or lake near your home. Regardless, there are a few simple ways to help mitigate the effects of humidity in your home, like buying a crawl space plastic barrier or running your air conditioner more often.

Here are some helpful tips to prevent moisture from damaging your home.

Buy a dehumidifier

A portable dehumidifier can be used in every room for the comfort of its inhabitants. These handy tools help limit the amount of moisture in the air, making them a perfect home addition for a rainy day.

However, dehumidifiers can also be used in areas that experience frequent levels of high humidity. In fact, a crawl space dehumidifier with pumps can prevent this moisture from invading the rest of your home. Many other homes will install a dehumidifier with a sump pump in their basement to prevent floods and excess humidity.

Rely on your air conditioner

Even though the warm spring breeze feels great on your skin, you might want to keep those windows closed. Running your air conditioner will prevent excess moisture from entering the home and it’s a great option for people with allergies as well. Just be sure to change the drip pan clean to prevent moisture from reentering the system.

Invest in quality insulation

Insulation is essential when it comes to mitigating moisture in storage spaces, especially in your attic and crawl space. In fact, between 15% and 20% of new homes are still built over crawlspaces, making insulation a necessity. Invest in a 10 mil vapor barrier to keep moisture out and prevent mold from growing.

Luckily, there are a few forms of crawl space vapor barrier materials you can choose from, including plastic vapor barriers and spray foams.

For more information reducing the levels of humidity in your home, rely on the help of the Crawl Space Ninja. Whether you’re looking for DIY crawl space plastic barriers or the best sump pump for crawl spaces, we have everything you need to keep your home moisture-free. Contact us for more information about our innovative crawl space products today.

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