Tool Lease Program for Crawl Space DIY

The Crawl Space Ninja tool lease program is designed to assist DIYers in crawl space encapsulation. Having the right tools for the job will make DIY crawl space repair easier and allow you to finish the project quicker. The Hilti GX3 Vapor Barrier Fastener is essential to consistent and timely installation of wall plastic. The Hilti DX5 Foam Board Fastener will make installing wall insulation in your crawl space a breeze.

Tool Lease and Purchase Options

The Ninja DIY store gives you the option of renting or purchasing crawl space encapsulation tools. The lease program is only available for the GX3 or DX5 at this time but the consumable items needed for crawl space encapsulation are also available for purchase. Fixing your crawl space correctly will make your home more energy efficient and should improve your indoor air quality. Learn more about Crawl Space DIY at our YouTube Channel and make sure you know what your getting into before you start.

How Does the Tool Rental Program Work

Leasing equipment from our DIY store could not be simpler. We have made it easy to purchase or lease the tools we use ever day. Here are some of the highlights of the rental program:

    • Weekly rentals
    • Refundable security deposit
    • Free Shipping to the Lower 48 States

What included with the Hilti DX5 Foam Board Fastener

  • Package contents
    • 1x DX 5_01 Basic unit
    • 1x X-5-460-FIE-L Fastener guide assembly
    • 1x X-5-460-PIE-L Piston
    • 1x Shipping Case
    • Includes Tool Return Shipping



    • Fastening mineral wool and EPS insulation materials to interior and exterior walls including facades
    • Fastening insulation thicknesses from 25 – 200 mm is possible

What’s Included with the Hilti GX3 Vapor Barrier Fastener

Package contents
  • 1x GX 3 Basic unit
  • 1x Magnetic Washer Holder
  • 1x Shipping Case
  • Includes Tool Return Shipping


  • Single source of energy, no batteries to recharge are needed
  • Curved, 40-nail magazine for better accessibility in narrow spaces and deep tracks
  • High fastening rate for high productivity and maximum efficiency
  • Wide range of nails for fastening to a wide variety of materials
  • Gas gauge helps to avoid running out of gas unexpectedly
  • Fastening Vapor Barrier to Masonry Walls
  • Fastening drywall track to floors, walls and ceilings on concrete, solid masonry or steel
  • Fastening mesh, membranes or foil with special washer holders to concrete walls
  • Fastening wall tie connections to concrete, solid masonry or steel – use of the special washer holder is recommended
  • Suitable for various light-duty fastening applications on concrete, solid masonry or steel
  • Fastening cables, conduits or various light electrical installations – use of the ME nailer nose is recommended

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