Carbon Fiber Bowed Wall Repair

Do you have bowed walls and are searching if carbon fiber can help repair them? Many homes across the country suffer from flooding, high humidity, mold, and hydro-static pressure. All of these are signs of a home in need of waterproofing and bowed wall repair.

Can Carbon Fiber Straighten My Wall

Don’t get sucked in to false claims about carbon fiber. If a contractor is telling you that over time your wall will straighten, they are not telling you the truth. Straightening bowed walls is not what carbon fiber is designed to do.

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When used and installed properly, carbon fiber will keep your bowed walls from getting worse. That is their primary job. It is stronger than steel and is a great way to anchor the wall to protect it from outside soil pressure.

Can I Install Carbon Fiber

Typically, it is installed via a contractor but recent developments in new products has created a DIY bowing wall repair kit. Carbon Guard is a great product for anyone looking to tackle the repair of the bowed wall. The easy to follow instructions and ease of installation makes it a great DIY product.

We know not everyone wants to install carbon fiber or repair the bowed wall themselves. This is why we offer this service in our local areas. If you’d like a quote for bowing wall repair using carbon fiber or steel i-beams, please click here.

Should I Waterproof My Basement or Crawl Space

Bowing walls is often the cause of hydro-static and soil pressure. A contractor offering to install carbon fiber or steel i-beams can also install basement waterproofing, crawl space french drains, sump pumps, and yard drainage to assist in removing pressure from the walls.

Eliminating the cause of the bowed wall is very important in making the home safe. Carbon fiber with a great waterproofing or water management solution can ensure your home is protected. Be sure to address humidity and mold problems as well as cracks in floors and walls.

Should I use Waterproofing Paint?

Cracked Walls and Floors

There are some great products and techniques in providing long term solutions to minor and major cracks in the foundation. Stair-step cracks in block walls are very common and most people don’t bother to correct them. Correcting stair-step cracks can prevent flooding and shifting or sheering walls.

Cracks in basements, garages, pools and sidewalks can be corrected with carbon fiber solutions. Fixing bowed walls and cracks in concrete is a service Crawl Space Ninja offers.

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