Gaps Between Walls and Floors

Have you noticed gaps between walls and floors in your home or office? Is the baseboard heaving or coming loose, do you notice the quarter round or shoe mold is a little further from the floor than before? If you answered yes to any of these, your home could be suffering from mild to serious foundation problems.

Mild Foundation Repair Problems

If you have recently swapped out your countertops, then you may have upgraded from a laminate to marble or other heavy decorative countertop material. This is a huge difference in weight and can put a lot of stress on the flooring, sub-floor and joists in your basement or crawl space.

This added weight can cause sagging floors and gaps between walls and floors. This is considered a mild foundation repair if joists are not broken. This can also be corrected with drying out damp wood, removing and cleaning mold form damp wood and installing jack posts or post jacks to help support the added weight of your new countertops.

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Medium Foundation Repair Problems

Bowing Basement Walls are a more serious problem to correct when it comes to gaps between walls and floors. Bowed basement walls are normally a result of hydrostatic pressure or soil pressure. As the wall bows in, it can cause the floor to raise or lower depending on the angle of the wall on the sill plate.

So if the gap between walls and floors increases or decreases, the end result is still a foundation repair problem. Correcting bowed basement walls with carbon fiber is a great way to keep the walls from getting worse.

What is Foundation Wall Shearing

Major Foundation Repair Problems

The biggest problem of all is often the most misdiagnosed because it is not viewable in many cases. If the footer of the home has shifted, lowered or raised from drying soils, heavy flooding, improperly installed footing or shallow footings, your entire home can be affected.

Foundation repair using helical piers is often the best solution when the footer has been affected. Unstable soils will allow the footer to move and helical piers will stabilize them and in many cases bring the home close to its original foundation state.

Do you need foundation repair services? If so, please contact Crawl Space Ninja and we will be glad to help. Also, let us know in the comments below if you have noticed other foundation issues we did not mention in this article.

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