Crawl Space Moisture Control Wilmington, NC

The need for Crawl Space Moisture Control in Wilmington, North Carolina is growing rapidly. Coastal waters and high humidity wreak havoc in crawl spaces. Humidity levels above 60% can cause mold and wood rot fungus. Coastal waters and storm surge cause crawl spaces to flood. Homeowners in Wilmington have many options but making sure you choose the right crawl space contractor is critical.

Crawl Space Moisture Control Contractor

We want to welcome the Witt Family and the Davis Family as our newest Crawl Space Ninja Owners. Crawl Space Ninja of Wilmington is ready to start crawl space repair for the over 98,000 households in the Wilmington territory that need a professional crawl space moisture control contractor. Team Wilmington is ready to address all the standing water and high humidity in local crawl spaces with the proprietary Crawl Space Ninja Encapsulation System.

How Many Crawl Spaces are in Wilmington NC

Crawl Space Ninja estimates more than 37,000 homes in the Wilmington, North Carolina area are built on crawl spaces. Crawl Space Ninja fixes more than crawl spaces. For the other homes built on slab, Crawl Space Ninja has a proprietary yard drainage and humidity control strategy to help everyone keep their home dry. Downspout extensions, french drains, drywells are all part of the Ninja methodology for coastal flooding and standing water in yards, around pools, and in crawl spaces.

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