Will Yard Drainage Stop Basement, Crawl Space Flooding

Will Yard Drainage Stop Basement, Crawl Space Flooding? Many homeowners ask if installing a french drain will stop flooding. Many homeowners we talk too seem to think installing yard drainage will fix flooding problems. Experience has taught us once the water finds access to your basement or crawl space, more than a french drain may be necessary.

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Extend Downspouts

The first line of defense for ensuring water is moved from your home is downspout extension. This is overlooked all the time. Many homes have downspouts that are clogged and flooding the homes exterior foundation. This cause soil erosion and a negative pitch towards the home, basement and crawls pace.

Using an NDS catch basin is a great way to ensure downspout extensions do not clog. They contain a filter similar to your coffee machine that catches debris before entering the buried downspout.

Create a Curtain Drain

Curtain drains or french drains are a great way to catch surface and shallow sub-surface waters before hitting your foundation. Different soils require these to be buried at different depths. Sandy soils can have deep french drains. Clay soils require shallow curtain drains.

Is Your Basement Still Flooding

The reason for this article is to warn you that downspout extensions and curtain drains may not fix the basement. Basement flooding can happen from rain water that falls near the foundation. this water is absorbed in the ground. The path of least resistance can be your basement wall.

Your yard drainage is dealing with more water than the roof or hill sloped to your home. All rain that falls around your home is looking to enter the soil. It is that water that can continue to flood your basement or crawl space. Simply installing yard drainage is not always going to correct the flooding problem.

Interior Waterproofing

Proper yard drainage and proper full perimeter interior waterproofing is the best solution for you crawls pace and basement. Many problems in life sometimes require more than one solution. Keeping your home from flooding is one such problem. Make sure the company you have hired to address your flooding issues takes a whole home approach. Both interior drainage and exterior drainage systems are often times needed to stop your home from flooding.

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