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On June 17 I wrote an article about "How Do I Fix a Drainage Problem in My Yard." and I began listing five tips but only got to three due to the length of the article. Downspout extensions is the 4th tip or problem I would taking when dealing with yard drainage issues.

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Remember, poor yard drainage can cause your home, basement, crawl space, and garage to flood. Over time this can also lead to mold problems, sagging floors, concrete cracks and bowing walls so don't overlook the importance of downspout extensions.

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Length of Downspout Extensions

When installing downspout extensions, the further the better but a good rule of thumb is a minimum 10 feet for slabs and crawl spaces. Basements require a little further at a minimum of 15 feet.

Many say sloping the foundation grade is a great way to keep water from getting in the home. It may assist but extending the downspouts in order for the roof water to drain downhill is a better solution.

What Materials Should I Use

The picture above shows one way of installing a downspout extension and the materials we use everyday. Make sure to use a solid pipe. This can be sewer and drain pipe as seen above or corrugated pipe. NDS also makes some great catch basins and dry wells for those difficult to drain landscapes.

Hiring an NDS Certified Professional like Crawl Space Ninja is a great way to make sure the design and effectiveness of your yard drainage project is done correctly. We have many products at our disposal for properly draining driveways, retaining walls, berms, and even pool side.

Don't Run Downspout Extensions in Footer Drains

One other tip is keep the water from your roof separate from the water in footer drains and french drains. Footer, french, and curtain drains normally gather water from soil using perforated pipe. Dumping water from downspout extensions into these drains can overload them and may even flood your home.

I hope you found this information helpful. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or advice for our readers. If you are looking for a great catch basin or other NDS products click here: (affiliate link)

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