Dehumidifier Recall

In this entry we take a different approach and discuss a dehumidifier recall, is it affecting you? Lets discuss how it might be affecting you.

Dehumidifier recalls issues

Through research we found that some dehumidifiers can catch fire while they are in use, this does not mean that yours will but just keep in mind that it can happen. Click here to learn about the best dehumidifiers we recommend.

This happened back in 2013 so the odds that you have one of the recalled dehumidifiers is low but still be careful, there are some lesser known brands but also there are some GE dehumidifiers that fell on this list.

We have made a video in detail on all of the recall models, I will attach it at the bottom. What to do for next steps? Lets discuss.

My dehumidifier is part of the recall

Lets not fret, you can easily replace it by going to a box store and getting a new one but keep in mind that depending on your needs a small dehumidifier might not be what you need.

What we found was that if your humidity is to high, they will stop working you need something that can help you and not constantly run.

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