Disinfecting Mold on Wet Wood – Myth #8

This week we’re talking about how to disinfect mold properly. Some say it’s okay to spray disinfectant while the wood is still wet, but is that okay?

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Crawl Space Mold Removal

So guess what? Mold protocol actually requires you to lower the humidity and dry out the surface that you’re disinfecting.

Imagine you’re in your home and one of these big mold cleaning, water damage people comes in and says, “Hey Mr. Homeowner. We’re going to spray your drywall down with disinfectant”, even though you’ve still got a plumbing leak behind it and the drywall is still wet.

Well, after you kick them out of your house, you’ll get somebody else to do it right then they’ll take care of it correctly, right? So why do crawl space companies feel like they can address mold without drying out the wood first?

How To Apply Mold Disinfectant

When you’re properly addressing mold in your crawl space, you have to lower the humidity, dry out the wood, and then address the mold. Apply the disinfectant and then let it completely dry before installing fiberglass insulation if you do not intend to insulate the foundation walls with foam board.

So, that’s a myth. Don’t let anybody disinfect the mold without drying it out first. If your crawl space company starts on day one and finishes on day four without dry time in between they’re doing it wrong and could cause more problems in the future.

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