Mold Remediation Mistakes #2 – Humidity

It is well known that humidity is a major factor in growing mold. The problem is most companies do not lower humidity prior to starting their mold remediation project. If you apply chemicals, tear out mold covered materials, HEPA vacuum or hand scrub make sure you control moisture prior to getting started.

What Humidity Should My Home Be?

The relative humidity of a home will vary based on several factors. Climate is the biggest factor. Crawl spaces and air conditioning will play a roll. Homes built in the Southeast with a vented crawl space will develop higher indoor moisture than a mountain home in Colorado.

If the HVAC ducts are in the crawl space of a home in Tennessee they cause condensation and compound humidity problems. Experts say to keep the relative humidity between 45% to 55% depending on which expert you ask. Most agree mold can grow at or above 60%.

Be careful not to drop humidity too low.

Very low moisture levels can affect your health.

Low Humidity and Your Health

I am no doctor but in the winter when moisture levels are low my skin dries out and cracks. My oldest son develops nose bleeds at times so we run a humidifier in his room. We are careful to clean it regularly so it does not become a mold and bacteria producer in itself.

Wood used to frame your home and other building materials also contain a certain moisture level. If the relative humidity becomes too low it can draw moisture from these materials and push them to become damaged.

If you’d like to learn more about how low humidity affects your health, click here for an article by Health Living Today.

Lower Humidity Before Mold Removal

Back to the topic at hand. Make sure you lower the moisture level before starting any mold remediation project. Since high humidity encourages mold growth, you could create secondary mold damage in a home with high moisture levels. I know I mentioned having the humidity too low can be bad but just before and during mold removal it is OK.

Try to get the relative humidity at 30% if possible during remediation. This will also help dry out any wet materials that may be present.

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