Fix Structural Problems Before Mold – Myth #13


Today we’re going to talk about foundation repair or structural repairs in the crawl space and you can do them without addressing mold. We think that’s a myth. Here is why we think that!

Should you ignore mold and only take care of structural problems?

Now I’m not much of a doorknocker. In other words I don’t normally go up to people’s homes and knock on the door and introduce myself and ask them to inspect their crawl space but I did do it this one time and the people were very nice, and they let me go into their crawl space and check it out and you know what? What had happened was one of the local pest control companies wound up fixing the structural problem of their crawl space 10 years ago without addressing the mold and humidity problem first.

Guess what happened? All that mold that was all over that old rotten wood took over the new wood that was installed 10 years ago so all the wood was rotten. All of it. If you’re going to address structural problems, if you’re going to sister or scab joists, if you’re going to put in post jacks, if you’re going to do all those things and you don’t control humidity and remove the mold first, you’re going to have a problem. It may be 10 years down the road but why didn’t they do it right 10 years earlier? That would have been the best thing to do.

I’m Michael Church with the Crawl Space Ninja and we consider that a myth to address structural damage in a crawl space without addressing the mold and humidity first. We hope you make it a happy and blessed day and we’ll see you later. Thanks for watching.

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