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Recently Crawl Space Ninja of Nashville, TN was Featured in the Franchisee Story of Franchise Consultant Magazine. The Chapman’s have a unique story to tell. They hired a crawl space company to fix their crawl space in early 2019. But the company only covered up the issues that could be seen and left them with an unhealthy crawl space.

April 2019 They Call Crawl Space Ninja

Mrs. Chapman and her husband were very disappointed with the results to the job they paid over $6,000.00 for. The smell of the crawl space was getting worse and was even entering their home and making their clothes and other belongings smell musty.

Mrs. Chapman found Crawl Space Ninja on YouTube and began watching all our videos. Later when I met her she said she even made her adult children (Coleman, Fran and Lucy) watch them while they were on vacation together.

Please Come to Clarksville, TN

The Chapman’s live in Clarksville, TN and we were not covering that area. Well they insisted and we decided to travel out and see what had happened to their crawl space. Here is a video of the inspection we did after their contractor completed the work:

They Hire Crawl Space Ninja

The Chapman’s decided to hire us to redo the crawl space. We had to remove all the old materials installed by the previous contractor. Many of the things the Nashville Area crawl space encapsulation contractor did actually made the crawl space worse.

Check out Top 5 Encapsulation Mistakes:

We see that a lot where inexperienced crawl space contractors will do things like spray white paint over mold or seal the crawl with no dehumidifier. Sometimes undoing repairs is even more costly, especially after wasting $6,000.00 for bad work.

Customer to Crawl Space Ninja Franchise Owner

After the crawl space encapsulation was complete, the insulation was installed, the soda blasting was done. The Chapman’s home was noticeably different and began to smell better.

After a couple of months, the Chapman’s later contacted me about their desire to help people in the Clarksville and Nashville Area. They did not want homeowners to fall for the same bad work and misinformation they did.

In October of 2019, The Chapman’s became Crawl Space Ninja of Nashville and they have been helping people fix waterproofing problems, mold issues and more. In fact, they have become so successful in a short period of time they were recently featured in Franchise Consultant Magazine.

We are so very proud of the accomplishments the Chapman’s have done in Nashville and the surrounding area. If you have a need of your crawl space being repaired correctly, please reach out to Crawl Space Ninja of Nashville by clicking here.

Please share with us below if you have had bad crawl space repair advice and what you did to correct it.

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