Why We Don’t Price Match

We have had many, many sales appointments that our Ninja Inspectors have went on where the homeowner wants us to have a comparable price to the other companies that have given bids for the work. Did you know that many home improvement contractors are trying to price match their competition? Let’s talk about why we choose not to price match our competition.

More often than not, we find that homeowners that go with the company that gave a low price in order to get the job, didn’t end up doing the job right or didn’t do everything they said they would do. In those cases, that company is either out of business when the problems arise, or they want the homeowner to pay even more in order to fix the work they did incorrectly.

We choose not to price match because we charge just enough to make sure we can do the job right, and so we can stay in business for years to come to follow through with the warranties we offer.

I’m not going to try to justify the cost of doing business, but we also hire really good workers. Our people are fantastic. Crawl space encapsulations are hard work, so we pay them pretty well and provide workers comp. And we have all the proper licensing and insurance we need to operate as a business in this industry.

Here’s a review from one of our customers:

“Crawl Space Ninjas did a great job for us. They removed all of the insulation below the floor in the crawl space. Then they soda blasted off all the mold. Then they treated all of the flooring and timbers with mold disinfectant to inhibit any future growth. Now, we also applied a protectant to give it a 10 year mold warranty. Then they trenched the perimeter and installed another sump pump to carry away any water along the foundation. They laid in an excellent ground vapor barrier. They installed a large volume heavy duty dehumidifier which is keeping the crawl space between 50 and 58% even during a week of torrential rains in Knoxville. Very pleased with their work, had a couple of hiccups along the way, which Michael, the owner of the company, rectified and took care of for us. This is a sign of a great company and great management. They aim to please and do great work.”

That is a great point at the end. We don’t want you to think that we are perfect, because we obviously are not perfect. However, if you want a company that’s going to be around whenever something happens like the dehu messes up, we’re going to be here.

Some of these companies we compete with are the reason why we got called out, and they’re not even around anymore because they were price matching. They were the lowest bidder and the homeowner decided they wanted the work done cheaply.

I’m not trying to say we’re gouging, but we charge just enough so that we’ll be here 15, 20, 30, 40 years from now. We can’t make money if we’re dropping our price $100 cheaper than our competitor and then they drop their price $100 cheaper. Next thing you know, both of us are out of business. It’s not good business to price match.

Please, please don’t make a huge mistake by hiring somebody based solely on price. You need to hire somebody based on quality so that you have a worry free crawl space for years to come. Also, don’t choose the minimum if you’re able. We have packages created so that we are taking care of every aspect of the crawl space from installation, to standing water, to vapor barrier, to humidity, to mold, to protecting the mold, to ventilating, etc.  We want you and your family have a worry free crawl space for years to come.

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Check out our video below that goes through some inspection pictures from our sales guys that show what some of our competition has done in the past!

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