What Happens When You Hire Someone and The Work Is Done Wrong?

What happens when you hire someone to take care of an issue and they only paint over the problem?

Well that is what happened to one of our customers, so if you are hiring someone what do you need to look for?

Why things go wrong

We usually get called out to visit homes and assess others people work once they feel that the work performed was not done correctly,

but how does a home owner get to that point?

Well after going on multiple calls that are like this situation, we have determined that its for one of two reasons:

  • They usually choose they cheaper option
  • The customer does not know what questions to ask

In this situation, the customer did not have all the information needed to make an accurate decision on whether the previous company would do a good job.

What went wrong

The customer had purchased a new home, before moving in they realized that there was something off with the space. They sought out a company that could help them, there was mold in the crawl space the company told them they could help. They did help but not for the long term, this company did lay plastic down, but they only painted over the mold. Once the job was complete everything would look great, until the mold starts to move through the paint.

One of the main things was that they did not address the source of the mold (usually humidity).

So after our assessment, we still had to take care of the visible mold and prevent it for future by address the humidity.

How you can avoid this

Always ask questions, we encourage questions even from our customers we like it when you ask questions; it means you are taking the time to learn and be informed. Be weary of anyone that is afraid of answering questions about their own craft, sometimes the answer might not be what you are looking for but still ask questions.

Below is a video that goes into more detail about this encounter.

We are still operating trying to bring you exceptional indoor air quality, while keeping to CDC guidelines. Remember stay safe!

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