Effective Virus Protection by Controlling Humidity

Crawl Space Ninja was initially founded to help improve indoor air quality for homeowners. We began marketing air purification to control dust and is scientifically proven to control pathogens on surfaces and in the air.

Over the years, Crawl Space Ninja evolved into focusing primarily on crawl spaces. Much of the methods used to fix crawl spaces comes from the approach of improving indoor air quality versus just throwing down plastic and saying the humidity will be controlled.

Interestingly, humidity control also helps control virus production, according to what we have learned after the pandemic.

Dry Air Helps Viruses Spread

In April 2020, Foxnews.com published an article titled, “Indoor humidity may slow coronavirus spread, Yale scientists say.” Interesting, in the article, it states that low humidity allows a virus to spread more rapidly. Low humidity indoors is a common problem many homes all throughout the country face. Heat dries our homes, offices and schools. Many suffer from nosebleeds due to lack of moisture in the air. No matter the outside climate, indoors can still be too dry and cultivate virus production.

According to UHHospitals.org, Relative humidity can be a major factor in the transmission of viruses.

Drying out respiratory airways: Low relative humidity has a drying effect on the cells and mucous linings of our airways. These cells act as a defense against viral particles and other invading foreign substances. Drying out airway linings impairs their ability to function properly.”

They go on to say the ideal relative humidity for human occupied buildings is between 40 and 60 percent. Unfortunately, buildings tend to operate at 20 percent or lower in the winter months. Be cautious not to focus on the effects of low humidity because high humidity can be damaging as well.

Moist Air Causes Mold and More

As dry air affects virus production, respiratory infections and asthma. Having air that is too moist affects asthma, mold production and bacteria. Creating a home with balanced humidity levels is best. We recommend controlling humidity with both a dehumidifier and humidifier if needed. The dehumidifier will usually run in summer months. The humidifier will run in winter months. Having a balance of humidity, as stated by UHHospitals.org, is best. Take a look at this chart to show what can occur in both low and high humidity homes.

Humidity chart virus mold bacteria

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