Should I Service My Dehumidifier?

So you’ve finally gotten around to getting a dehumidifier installed in your crawl space or basement. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! But before you get back to watching the hockey game just remember one thing: dehumidifiers require periodic maintenance!

That’s right. It’s not simply set it and forget it. These are complex machines with moving parts that require servicing. And if this servicing aspect is neglected you can quickly end up with a dehumidifier that is working under capacity, or worse yet, not working at all!

Should I service my dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are generally very low maintenance devices. This does not mean they are maintenance free. You may be tempted to set up our dehumidifier and forget about it. Only returning to empty the water collection tank when it becomes full.

Or, if your dehumidifier has a drainage system, you may be tempted to forget about it completely. Every season, or more often if needed, you should take some time to make sure your dehumidifier is working its best and lasts a long time.

Dehumidifier Water Collection Tank and Drain Tubes

First, clean the water collection container. If you have a dehumidifier that collects the water from air in a water collection tank. You should clean it every month or so with soap and water or a good disinfectant. Emptying the water consistently is a good thing, but mold and mildew can begin to grow quickly in the collection tank if it is not cleaned regularly.

If mold or mildew begin to grow, it can be distributed back into the air and cause illness. If you have a dehumidifier with a drainage system, it is still important to clean the tube of any buildup that accumulates over time.

Dehumidifier Intake and Exhaust Grills

Secondly, it is good to periodically clean the air grills on the dehumidifier to remove any dust build up. Dust can accumulate on both the intake and exhaust grills. If the buildup gets too bad and gets knocked loose, it can cause blockages in the system and cause the dehumidifier to not function normally or even quit working completely.

Dehumidifier Evaporator Coils

Unless you have a dehumidifier specially made to work in lower temperatures, you may also need to keep an eye on the evaporator coils. These coils are what pull the water out of the air. If the temperature gets too cold, the water will freeze on the coils and create ice buildup, causing the dehumidifier to not work properly. Consult your owner’s manual on how to properly address this issue with your specific dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier Filters

Lastly, clean or replace the dehumidifier filter. Just like your HVAC unit, dehumidifiers have a filter that helps remove pollutants out of the air. This needs to be periodically cleaned or replaced based on the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the dehumidifier continues to function properly and to remove pollutants from the air.

As you can see, dehumidifier maintenance can be complicated. DIYers will be happy to do the research and buy the equipment needed to handle the maintenance and servicing themselves, but what about the rest of us who want to stay as far away from the crawl space as possible?

Well luckily, we’re crawl space professionals, and we’re perfectly able to handle the maintenance and servicing of your dehumidifier for you for a reasonable annual fee so you’ll never need to go down ‘there’ again if you don’t want to. How, you ask? Easy, just click the link below to get in touch and we’ll let you know what options there are:

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