Mold Remediation Mistakes #1 – Containment

Whether you are a contractor or you decide to tackle the mold yourself. Avoiding these mold remediation mistakes will help ensure the job is done without causing more damage. This information is no way a recommendation for mold remediation or mold removal. Seek a local professional or mold protocol for more information.

The internet is full of information about mold remediation and mold removal. We run into situations where homeowners have attempted mold removal and made things worse. Unfortunately, the mold remediation mistakes are not always seen immediately. Finishing the basement too soon can hide the mistakes that were made. The mold may come back in weeks or even years later. If you decide to tackle mold yourself make sure you wear personal protective equipment.

Mold Remediation Containment

Proper mold containment is the first step in mold remediation. Mold can be anywhere in your home. Visible mold in a crawl space or basement can travel to living spaces. Mold spores are microscopic and are carried easily by wind current. Most homeowners worry about the mold they see but the unseen mold should be addressed too.

Many times realtors and home sellers will ask us to address the visible mold. After further investigation hidden mold is revealed in many cases. Mold testing or a mold inspection is the best way to detect hidden mold. Hidden molds can be trapped behind walls and insulation. Crawl space mold is a problem for many sellers of homes. Unfortunately, many mold removal contractors fail to consider hidden mold behind insulation or proper containment.

Proper Mold Containment

Creating containment for mold is similar to asbestos and lead paint removal. Using a plastic vapor barrier is quick and easy to create containment. Sometimes the containment is very large and sometimes it’s as small as a door. We performed mold removal and waterproofing for a church in Knoxville. The staff needed to utilize half the area we worked in for a bible study class. The mold remediation containment built for that situation was quite large. Small mold removal projects in a bathroom require just a door to be contained.

Mold Remediation Mistakes – Zipper Doors

Using a zipper door is a great way to gain access to an area affected by mold. Zipper doors are not necessary because you can construct access in other ways. Zipper doors are inexpensive and easy to install on plastic. They are great when used properly for containment. Make sure the mold removal contractor you hire understands and uses proper containment.

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