Mold Testing DIY

There is a lot of confusion regarding mold inspections and mold testing. Who should be doing the mold testing? Do I need a mold test? Can I do the mold test myself?

Is there a way to perform mold testing with a DIY air sampling kit and get accurate lab results? Until recently, the answer would have been no.

Can I Perform a DIY Mold Test?

Up until recently, mold testing was left to the certified mold inspector. There did not seem to be a DIY solution for mold testing – until now. Recently, Crawl Space Ninja partnered with a company that will send you a mold test kit. DIY mold test kits are nothing new in the surface mold sampling arena. But what we have is a way for you to do your very own mold inspection air samples.

Why Do a Mold Air Sample?

The problem with mold is it is microscopic and hard to detect. Much of the time mold can be smelled and not seen. Performing a tape lift on visible mold is easy, if you can find it. But what if there is no visible mold? What options do homeowners have to detect mold they cannot see? Air sampling for mold is a great way to find hidden molds. Setting up a DIY mold testing kit that uses Air-O-Cell cassettes is used by mold professionals only – up until now.

What is an Air-O-Cell?

Air-O-Cell is a brand name for a bioaerosol cartridge that allows the homeowner to pull air samples from inside and outside the home. The cartridges are attached to a pump that can be rented through Crawl Space Ninja. Instructions on how to use the pump and cartridges are included as part of the kit. Once the samples are taken, they are sent to a laboratory for analysis. The results are then sent to you as soon as they are analyzed. This process of testing for mold is one of the most recognized standards known in the mold community today.

Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

If you suspect your crawl space or other parts of your home have been or are currently damp, we recommend a mold inspection. Mold inspections can be a visual inspection with or without testing. Testing for mold in a crawl space is often not performed. Many times mold in crawl spaces is visible and the contractor is not concerned with the type of mold present. Mold protocols do not change based on type of mold. Because of this, mold remediation professionals do not need to know type of mold located in the crawl space.

Testing for Mold

Mold in a living space can sometimes require mold testing if there is evidence of mold but none is visible. Many times mold odors or other physical symptoms can alert a homeowner of the potential for mold to be present. Meters that measure humidity can also be used to see if the environment is prone to mold growth. This is why mold testing using air sampling is so common by mold inspection professionals. The data received from air sampling helps to paint a picture. The data is analyzed by a mold remediation professional to determine if further investigation is needed. If you suspect you have mold in your home, check out our DIY Mold Air Sample Kit.

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