3 Signs of a Damp Crawl Space

Never go in your crawl space? That’s ok, there are signs to look for in the living space that may indicate a damp crawl space. Many of these signs are visible. While others may require your nose. Even others could use a humidity reader or moisture meter to detect. Trust me, those meters are worth…

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Why Do I Have Cave Crickets in My Crawl Space

If you own a home with a crawl space it may be full of cave crickets. Why are cave crickets attracted to some crawl space and not others. Are they harmless little creatures that should be tolerated or a sign of a major problem that needs to be addressed? Love them or hate them, cave…

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Misconception: Crawl Space Dehumidifier With No Vapor Barrier

Installing a crawl space dehumidifier with no plastic is a mistake all homeowners should avoid. When it comes to crawl space humidity control, the dehumidifier is the heart, but you need other items to help. The Crawl Space Needs a Dehumidifier Crawl space dehumidifiers are vital in controlling humidity. Crawl space encapsulation with dehumidification can…

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Best Products for Outside Crawl Space Waterproofing

image_Best Products for Outside Crawl Space Waterproofing2

We waterproof hundreds of crawl spaces a year and feel these are the best products for outside crawl space waterproofing that homeowners should install. These products will help keep your crawl space dry during heavy rains when properly installed to work together. Homes near lakes, rivers, streams, or in flood plains will also benefit from…

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How Do I Lower Humidity in My Crawl Space

featured image_How Do I Lower Humidity in My Crawl Space

How do you effectively lower humidity in your crawl space to prevent mold and wood rot fungus? There are many ways to lower humidity in the crawl space and the #1 solution will be to add a properly sized dehumidifier but there is more. Crawl Space Vapor Barrier and Humidity If you own a home…

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Best Battery Back-up for My Sump Pump

featured image-best battery back-up for sump pump

The best battery back-up system for your sump pump is the only battery back-up system we recommend to protect your home from flooding. The Pump Sentry 822PS is one of the most diverse AC/DC switch systems for sump pumps on the market. It is the only sump pump battery back-up system we install in both…

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Is a Damp Crawl Space Normal?

featured image-is a damp crawl space normal

Is a damp crawl space normal? Short answer: yes. But, remember the scene in “Young Frankenstein” when the lab assistant steals a brain labeled Abby-someone, and the brain was Ab-normal? Normal is what you want in a brain. But, based on what our Ninjas see here in the Northwest Atlanta, Georgia area (Smyrna, Marietta), normal…

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Waterproofing

If your crawl space is wet and flooding, installing a crawl space waterproofing system is essential. The focus being on the word “system.” Most crawl space encapsulation contractors are under the impression that waterproofing a crawl space is installing a french drain only or a sump pump and french drain. There is actually way more…

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