Best Battery Back-up for My Sump Pump

The best battery back-up system for your sump pump is the only battery back-up system we recommend to protect your home from flooding. The Pump Sentry 822PS is one of the most diverse AC/DC switch systems for sump pumps on the market. It is the only sump pump battery back-up system we install in both wet crawl spaces and basement waterproofing.

Pump Sentry 822PS Battery Back-up Features

  • Stands guard against power outages
  • Can handle most home sump pumps
  • Easy 10-minute DIY installation
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • 10-year life expectancy
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Detects power outages
  • Switches to battery during outages
  • Charges battery during normal operation
  • Very easy do-it-yourself installation
  • 1200 Watt capacity
  • Powerful enough for most home sump pumps

Best Battery Back-up Works with Your Current Pump

One of the best things I like about the Pump Sentry line of battery back-up products is that there is no requirement for a secondary pump. This means the Sump Sentry can be installed on your current sump pump. Imagine the cost and hassle of having to remove your current pump, that is still working, and replacing it with a dual pump pre-boxed system.

Designed for the DIYer

The Pump Sentry 822PS Battery back-up system is super easy to install. This makes it great for a DIY project. Again, there is no need to replumb the new dual pump competition system. The Sump Sentry hooks up to your current pump and the instructions are in the box. Be sure to check out the Crawl Space Ninja DIY Store for more waterproofing products.

Sump Pump Battery Back-up Runs Longer

The best sump pump battery back-up system will run longer than its competitors. The Pump Sentry can be daisy chained with up to three marine batteries for maximum run time. Purchasing extra cables allows you the freedom to get more cycles out of the battery back-up and sump pump when you need it most. Remember, the run time of any system is affected by the volume of water entering your basement or crawl space. Mix that with the length of time your power is out and eventually all battery back-up systems can fail. For those of you in areas where you need more power to accommodate coastal flooding or flash floods, I recommend a whole home generator.

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Battery Back-up Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions many homeowners have about the Pump Sentry 822PS battery back-up system. We recommend never using a sump pump over 1/2 HP and up to 1200 watts with the 822PS. If you are using a sump pump larger than 1/2 HP or over 1200 watts, please contact our DIY Specialists for assistance in purchasing the 1622PS. The 1622PS is designed for 3/4 HP sump pumps up to 1800 watts.

Q: Is it difficult to install the Pump Sentry 822PS?

A: Installation is relatively painless and typically takes around 10 minutes. Simply mount the unit on a shelf or wall, make the connections as specified in the instruction manual, and plug it into a standard wall outlet.

Q: How long can the unit run during an outage?

A: During an outage, the Pump Sentry 822P can ensure continuous power to your sump pump for anywhere from 5 to 70+ hours on a single battery depending upon the capacity of the battery you’re using in your setup. With a multi-battery configuration, you can expect the pump sentry to provide 50 to 118+ hours of operation.

Q: What is the Pump Sentry Battery Back-up warranty?

A: The manufacturer provides an unconditional warranty of up to 2 years for the Pump Sentry. However, the warranty does not cover any installation mistakes that you may cause, so be sure to follow the easy instructions provided in the manual and you’ll be fine.

Q: How long does the Pump Sentry 822PS last?

A: The Pump Sentry is designed and manufactured to last. It’s very durable and has an operating life expectancy of around 10 years.

Q: What type of battery do you recommend for the Pump Sentry 822PS?

A: We recommend using the OPTIMA BLUE D27M-800 or any similar maintenance-free marine battery.

Q: How loud is the Pump Sentry unit?

A: The Pump Sentry has no moving parts and produces virtually no noise during its operation. The only noise you should hear would be your current sump pump as it is working. The Pump Sentry does have audible alarms to warn you when the battery is low. See page 13 of the owner’s manual for more information.

Q: What does the “High Charge” indicator mean on the Pump Sentry?

A: The charger always starts at High Charge and then works its way down to Low, then to Fully. Every time the power goes out or the unit is disconnected, it’s going to start at high charge to test the battery, no matter how charged the battery is. Depending on the size and charge of the battery, it can say High Charge for anywhere from 15-30 minutes to up to 24 hours.

Q: Does the Pump Sentry require additional sump pumps?

A: No! The Pump Sentry works with the pump you have, ensuring that power is available to it in the event of an outage. Thus, there is no need to replace your current sump pump, or add an additional sump pump.

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  1. What is the dimensions of the deep cycle marine battery for pump sentry unit? The reason I ask is to make sure I have enough room if I want to enstall 2 batteries in the space I have. Thank you!

  2. I have a 1/2 HP zoller sump pump. I’m not sure of watts and amps but what sump pump backup system would you recommend for my existing pump? Model 822ps or 1622ps?

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