Do I need a Sump Pump?

Many homeowners are asking, “Do I need a sump pump?” If you live in an area where your home is taking on standing water, there is a good chance installing a water pump can help. Most homes with basements and crawl spaces under go waterproofing with sump pumps but what about homes on slab that…

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Flotec E50VLT Sump Pump Assessment

The Flotec E50VLT Sump Pump is designed to waterproof crawl spaces and basements and keep them dry. In this article, we will review and provide specifications for this powerful sump pump. Flotec is our #1 selling and installed sump pump for crawl space encapsulation and waterproofing. Sump Pump Reliability The cast iron design of the…

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Misconception: A Sump Pump Will Dry My Crawl Space

Will a sump pump by itself dry your crawl space? Many contractors we encounter are telling homeowners that installing a sump pump will keep the crawl space dry. Is that true? The term dry can mean different things so is it referring to standing water or humidity? What Sump Pumps Do The sump pump is…

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Best Products for Outside Crawl Space Waterproofing

image_Best Products for Outside Crawl Space Waterproofing2

We waterproof hundreds of crawl spaces a year and feel these are the best products for outside crawl space waterproofing that homeowners should install. These products will help keep your crawl space dry during heavy rains when properly installed to work together. Homes near lakes, rivers, streams, or in flood plains will also benefit from…

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Installing Crawl Space French Drain Tips

featured image_Installing Crawl Space French Drain Tips

Do you need crawl space french drain installation tips because your crawl space floods after heavy rains or there is a body of water close to your home? What I will be sharing today are guidelines for properly installing a waterproofing system in your crawl space. Install the Drain Pipe Around the Entire Crawl Space…

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Best Battery Back-up for My Sump Pump

featured image-best battery back-up for sump pump

The best battery back-up system for your sump pump is the only battery back-up system we recommend to protect your home from flooding. The Pump Sentry 822PS is one of the most diverse AC/DC switch systems for sump pumps on the market. It is the only sump pump battery back-up system we install in both…

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Best Sump Pump for Basement Waterproofing

Many homeowners with flooded basements want to install the best products with the most value. We at Crawl Space Ninja are no different. We have used many different sump pumps over the years from the least to most expensive. In this article, we will go over some features that make a great sump pump. Best…

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