5 Problems to Fix in Your Crawl Space ASAP

5 Problems to Fix in Your Crawl Space ASAP. Many homeowners are unaware of the issues in their crawl space. Start with correcting these 5 problems to make sure your crawl space is healthy.

  1. High Crawl Space Humidity
  2. Standing Water
  3. Mold or Wood Rot Fungus
  4. Soil Gases
  5. Inadequate Insulation

1. High Crawl Space Humidity

High humidity in the crawl space can affect the entire home. Humidity levels that are too high or too low can affect your health. It is recommended your crawl space humidity be kept between 45% and 55%. Humidity levels over 60% can cause mold to grow and create dust mite infestations in the home.

Crawl space humidity can be controlled with proper crawl space encapsulation. We recommend installing a vapor barrier in the crawl space. Dehumidifiers are always recommended in humid environments inside your home.

2. Standing Water in the Crawl Space

Addressing standing water is necessary because it creates high humidity. Allowing your crawl space to flood can damage the vapor barrier and mechanical items as well. Dehumidifiers, HVAC equipment, and water heaters will fail if the get wet from flooding.

Control crawl space flooding by installing a sump pump, sump pump pit, battery back-up, and vapor barrier. They all work together to ensure your crawl space is protected all year from flooding.

3. Mold and Wood Rot Fungus in Crawl Space

Standing water and high humidity are major problems. Mold and wood rot fungus in the crawl space are huge problems as well. Many crawl space encapsulation contractors do not address mold properly. Many do not follow EPA mold guidelines and can actually make the problem worse. Be careful who you hire to remediate crawl space mold.

Molds and fungi can be allergens and even destroy the wood in the crawl space. Contractors that cover molds with paints or spray foam can cause irreparable damage to your home.

4. Crawl Space Soil Gas

Crawl space encapsulation is a great way to correct many crawl space problems. Make sure you follow EPA guidelines of 1cfm of air for every 50 square feet of crawls pace when encapsulating. Again, many contractors do not follow this guideline. Fixing a humidity problem but creating a radon issue is never recommended.

5. Improper Crawl Space Insulation

We are not sure why crawl space companies remove but do not replace insulation. Properly insulating your crawl space is a great way to save energy. Air sealing the crawl space floor and rim joist insulation is the icing on the cake. Doing both will make your entire home more comfortable.

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