This week we're continuing our myth series about recycling/reusing the insulation in your crawl space.

Reusing Crawl Space Insulation

Whether out of lack of knowledge or pure laziness, there are a lot of crawl space companies out there who will reuse the fiberglass in your subfloor. They will pull the insulation down to the ground, spray the joists with mold disinfectant, and then take the insulation off that nasty, nasty ground, after it got covered in mold and disinfectant, and shove it back up in the floor joists and say, "See you later Mr. Homeowner."

Well, that's a myth. We don't recommend that you ever, ever let anybody recycle your insulation between the floor joists. Here are a few reasons why...

Why You Should Not Reuse Insulation

There's a good chance that if the contractor was in such a hurry to complete the job that they didn't replace the insulation, they also did not give the floor joists time to properly dry after applying the mold disinfectant.

If you place fiberglass insulation back between the joists while the disinfectant is still wet, you won't be giving the disinfectant the time is needs to work against the mold and fungus growth properly and you will also be trapping the moisture. This could cause you more problems in the future.

How To Insulate Your Crawl Space Subfloor

Sometimes we'll have a job where the homeowner wants to keep their subfloor insulated and not insulate the foundation walls with foam board. What we'll do is take the insulation out and we dispose of it completely, treat the mold, let the disinfectant dry, and then install NEW fiberglass insulation that hasn't been sitting in the dirt and debris of the crawl space floor the entire time.

Don't recycle insulation! We call that a crawl space myth and we hope you found this helpful.

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Michael Church has been involved with indoor air quality since 2005 and feels the unhealthy crawl space is one of the major problems causing poor indoor air quality.

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