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Are you looking for a crawl space encapsulation contractor in Delaware and the surrounding areas? Crawl Space Ninja of Delaware is open to address crawl space problems in your home. Many problems like mold, standing water, and high humidity are overlooked in the crawlspace. Don’t trust the health of your home with just any crawl space encapsulation contractor in Delaware.

Crawl Space Problems in Delaware

Paul Monroe has been in the residential remodeling industry for years. He discovered that crawl spaces in Delaware have lots of problems like standing water, flooding, insufficient insulation, high humidity, and loose lay vapor barriers that are ineffective at moisture control.

Poor yard drainage in older homes can also be a major flooding issue in the area since Delaware is so close to sea level. More than 22,000 homes are prone to flooding every year. Addressing yard drainage problems and crawl space issues is vital to keeping Delaware homes dry.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Vapor Barrier

Many crawl space encapsulation contractors throw loose-lay vapor barrier in the crawl space. This type of installation is cheap and ineffective at true moisture control. Flooded crawl spaces can move the loose-lay vapor barrier. This can create gaps in the vapor barrier that will create humidity problems after flooding has subsided.

Installing Crawl Space Ninja vapor barrier not only prevents future cat urine odors but our methods of installing prevent moisture problems as well. Sump pumps and french drains are just part of crawl space waterproofing system for flood control. Dehumidifiers are great for controlling humidity. But a crawl space encapsulated incorrectly can create soil gas issues and decrease energy efficiency in the home.

What Next?

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