Do I need a Check Valve on My Sump Pump

What is a check valve? Most people are familiar with the operation of a check valve. It allows water to pass in one direction only. Some may call it a back-flow preventer. Its job is to prevent water or solids from coming back into the sump pump.

What Height to Install Check Valve

Crawl Space Ninja installs the check valve directly to the sump pump. The Flotec 1/2 HP cast iron sump pump has a thread 1.5 inch connection at the base. This connection makes it easy for us to install the check valve inside the sump pump basin.

We feel the closer the check valve is to the sump pump the less back-flow and noise you will experience. Check valves installed higher up the discharge line can make fairly loud gurgle sounds. They can also cause the pump to enter a never ending discharge cycle. This happens when enough water flows back in the basin and activates the pump over and over.

Best Check Valve for Your Sump Pump

The check valve installed by Crawl Space Ninja and sold on our DIY store is the Jackel CH-150 check valve. It is designed to be threaded on the bottom with rubber gasket on top. This design is easier for maintenance and removal of the discharge line to repair/replace the pump if needed.

Is Back-Flow Prevention Worth It

Investing in a back-flow prevention system is a great way to keep your basement waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation project from failing. Remember, the only thing more expensive than doing the project, is redoing the project.

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Check valves can be installed in yard drainage, sewer systems and of course waterproofing. We recommend installing them vertically but some circumstances may require a horizontal install.

The point of the valve is simple, prevent water from going back to where it came from.

I hope you found this information useful. Please comment below if you have any questions or would like to say hello. I am also putting a video series for you to watch about sump pumps below.

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