Mold Cleaner vs Mold Disinfectant

Mold Cleaner vs Mold Disinfectant, what is better to use, what is the difference and why should you care? Only one is EPA registered. Why does the EPA choose to stamp one and not the other. Some homeowners and mold remediation professionals I have spoken to think using a product that is EPA registered is better, after all the EPA is regulating it so it must be good.

What is a Mold Cleaner

Did you know there are products on the market that are considered “green” and actually address mold. Be mindful I did not use the word “kill” or “disinfect” mold. The reason one cannot use those words is because the government did not give one permission to use them.

Just like medicines developed in labs can be deemed cures by the FDA, naturally occurring medicinal products do not have that freedom to be called cures because the FDA did not say they could.

Does this mean they don’t work? On the contrary, they work just fine. Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution Plus is one such product. We know it takes care of molds when applied correctly because we have done surface mold tests after application and the molds have been soda blasted. We just can use “Those Words” that other chemical manufacturers use because Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution Plus is not EPA registered.

Image of Mold in Crawl Space

How Does Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution Plus Work

Just like mold disinfectants you must follow the label and do the mold cleanup exactly as it says in order to be effective. To sum it up though, Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution Plus uses hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients to address mold. Did you know when hydrogen peroxide off gases, it gives off H2O and O2. That’s right, humidity and oxygen. What does an EPA registered mold disinfectant off gas I wonder?

Why We Apply Non EPA Registered Products

We use soda blasting and Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution Plus because they are not EPA registered. We feel they are safer solutions for taking care of crawl space mold. Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution Plus can also be used to address mold in basements, attics and living spaces.

Here is what Anabec says Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution Plus can be used for:

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What is a Mold Disinfectant

You have probably figured it out but a mold disinfectant is an EPA registered product. But an EPA registered product that addresses mold is a pesticide. Oh, that’s why the EPA regulates and registers it, it is a pesticide.

Again, it is a matter of personal preference but if we can address mold in your home with a product we consider is better and not EPA registered, that is what we will do.

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  1. Should one soda blast or HEPA vac the mold first and then use the X70 Cleaner, or should the X70 cleaner be applied before soda blasting or HEPA vacuuming? Thanks.

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