Zooglea in Condensate Pump

If you have ever experienced that slimy sludge inside the condensation pump or the pump discharge line then you know it can clog up and even damage your condensate pump and sump pumps.

What in the world is Zooglea?

zo·o·gloe·a also zo·o·gle·a  (zō′ə-glē′ə)

1. Any of various highly motile, aerobic bacteria of the genus Zoogloea found especially in wastewater, where the cells aggregate into flocculent, gelatinous masses. 2. A mass of such bacteria or other bacteria.

Why should I be concerned about Zooglea?

Zooglea can make clog condensation lines, sump pumps and condensate pumps. If these pumps clog then the water they are designed to remove from your basement, crawl space and HVAC system can back up and flood your home. This can also raise the humidity and may potentially create a mold problem in the area it is flooding.

Prevent Crawl Space FloodingPicture of slimy sludge Zooglea

The best way to prevent flooding and water damage from sump pumps and condensation pumps is to perform routine maintenance. HVAC contractors can do this annually or bi-annually during their service visits to the HVAC condensation pumps. When pumps are located in the crawl space or basement after a crawl space encapsulation be sure to ask the provider if a maintenance program is offered to clean pumps on a regular basis. Improper maintenance of sump pumps, dehumidifiers, condensation pumps and drain lines may void warranties of the waterproofing, encapsulation or the equipment itself. Please contact us about our optional maintenance programs to ensure your crawl space encapsulation project keeps your home dry, clean, healthy and efficient.

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