What is a condensate pump you might ask? it is a little device that helps move water from a dehumidifier or a AC unit to a discharge area, we usually hook it up to a sump pump if you have one of our encapsulations with a water management system.

Condensate Pump Zooglea

Zooglea is a bacteria, it is caused by bacteria buildup in the condensate pump. Its not pleasant to look at and it smells even worse, If you watch the video you will see the office reaction to it. There is only one way to keep it at bay and it is by keeping your condensate pump clean.

Pro Tips on Zooglea cleaning

  • Turn of dehumidifier and unplug condensate pump
  • open it carefully and clean the inside
  • Inspect any tubing
  • Put the pump back together
  • Run some bleach and water so that all parts are clean

This was a short blog, but below is the reactions of everyone in our office. Enjoy!!

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