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Will Encapsulation Keep Critters Out? – Myth #1

By Michael Church | February 8, 2019

Today we’re going to start a series about some crawl space myths. So the first one’s gonna be: Will bugs and rodents get in an encapsulated crawl space? So believe it or not, I’ve gone on calls where our competition has told homeowners that once you encapsulate the crawl space, there will be no bugs or…

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Top 5 Crawl Space Encapsulation Mistakes

By Michael Church | February 1, 2019

So why are there so many crawl space encapsulation mistakes? There is no standard when it comes to encapsulating your crawl space. You have spec home builders that are building crawl spaces one way, and you have custom home builders building crawl spaces another. And guess what? They’re both acceptable by codes enforcement. Just remember,…

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Tips to Winterize Your Crawl Space

By Michael Church | January 25, 2019

Yesterday I got a call from one of our DIY customers down in Chattanooga. His name is Wade and he had an issue with something going on in his crawl space and he was concerned about how to winterize the crawl space. So today I’m going to answer his question. Okay, so Wade from Chattanooga…

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How Much Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost?

By Michael Church | November 30, 2018

Is investing in Crawl Space Encapsulation cost effective for you and your family? Why would you spend thousands of dollars to fix a part of the home you never go in? The true question should be how much money would be wasted if you hired the wrong crawl space encapsulation company? There’s nothing more costly…

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Home Inspectors Crawl Space Punch List

By Michael Church | November 23, 2018

We get calls all the time from real estate professionals whether it is the home inspector the buyers real estate agent or the sellers real estate agent asking us to do an estimate for their client based on the home inspector’s recommendation. Please understand this article is not written out of pride or arrogance but…

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Asthma and Your Wet Crawl Space

By Michael Church | November 2, 2018

There are a great variety of triggers for asthma, some preventable and others less so. But the number one cause of asthma is generally known to be poor indoor air quality — mostly due to dust mite poop, pet dander and mold spores. So, what does this have to do with your crawl space? I Had Asthma As a…

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Aprilaire 1820 Dehumidifier FAQs

By Michael Church | October 22, 2018

If you are looking for a great crawl space dehumidifier the Aprilaire 1820 dehumidifier is quickly becoming one of our best sellers online for many DIY crawl space projects. This product’s sleek design mixed with its low weight compared to other dehumidifiers makes it easier to get in the crawl space if doing the DIY…

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Should I Seal My Crawl Space Vent or Install a Fan

By Michael Church | October 12, 2018

Recently we went to a crawl space that had the vents sealed by a competitor and new vapor barrier installed almost a year ago. The homeowner was concerned because they noticed a musty smell coming from the crawl space and condensation not only on the crawl space heating and air ducts but also on the…

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