French Drain

French Drain InstallationNDS-EZ-Flow-French-Drain

A french drain, also known as a curtain drain, drain tile, perimeter drain or weeping tile. is a trench filled with rock or gravel and a perforated pipe that can be either solid or corrugated. French drains are primarily used to prevent outside water from penetrating or damaging building foundations. They are a great way to redirect surface water and even ground water from the foundation of your home. French drains can be designed and installed in a way to address a small problem area or to wrap around the entire house. If your home is at the bottom of a hill or you get runoff water from neighbors, a french drain is a great way to protect your basement or crawl space from flooding.

When installed properly and with the proper materials, french drains will protect your home for years to come. Improper installation can lead to problems and can even make matters worse. Make sure when you install the french drain, you use materials that will stand the test of time and whatever nature can throw at it.

Interior French DrainFrench drain install diagram

Basements and crawl spaces prone to flooding will benefit from an interior french drain. Again, the philosophy and materials used in installing interior french drains vary region to region. Even company to company but you want to make sure you invest in good materials.

Basement French Drain System

Make sure you protect the entire basement when installing a basement system or basement waterproofing system. Investing in a system that only protects a small area could come back to cause problems in the future. Over years, downspouts leak, soil moves and even exterior drain tile can become broken or clogged. New homes are typically built with inexpensive drain tile and french drain materials. In some areas homes are built without any type of protective membrane on the exterior of the foundation wall.

The No Water System consists of two components. The Bullet Track and the Footing Gutter. The Bullet Track rushes water from the wall-footing joint, below the basement floor and drops it into the Footing Gutter. At the same time, the Footing Gutter skims the clean water from below the basement floor, leaving all sediments behind. Clean water is then collected in the sump pump basin and discharged to a safe distance away from your home. This protects your home and makes The No Water System the only water containment-diversion system on the market.