Fiberglass Insulation Respirator Mask

Make sure you are wearing a fiberglass insulation respirator mask! Before going into your crawl space, you need to be aware of the dangers of breathing insulation, mold, dust and all the other harmful stuff that can be floating in the air. As you crawl in, you immediately start stirring up everything that has landed on the crawl space vapor barrier. Choosing the correct fiberglass insulation respirator mask can help keep you healthy while you are tackling your crawl space encapsulation project or even checking on the health of your crawl space or attic.

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Crawl Space Fiberglass Insulation Respirator Mask

I recently received a question on our YouTube Channel asking what type of fiberglass insulation respirator mask we recommend you use whenever removing insulation from a crawl space or attic. When removing crawl space insulation, one of the most important items to use is a proper fiberglass insulation respirator mask or dust mask. This will protect your lungs from breathing in not only crawl space insulation fibers but the potential mold that could be locked inside those insulation fibers or attached to the wood that the insulation is touching. So make sure you take proper precautions and where proper fiberglass insulation respirator mask when you are dealing with fiberglass and mold.

3 Types of Fiberglass Insulation Respirator Masks

There are certainly more than three types of fiberglass insulation respirator mask but the three main types we use most often are a typical paper mask fiberglass insulation respirator mask in most cases it's rated as an N95 respirator sort of like a surgical mask. The other type of respirator is the 3M 6300 fiberglass insulation respirator mask that has attachable respirator pads that you can change out and those pads are P100 pads which are way better for dealing with poor indoor air quality. That respirator only covers the nose and mouth. The third type of fiberglass insulation respirator mask and the most used by crawl space ninja is the full-face mask respirator with the P100 filters that covers the eyes nose and mouth in order to better protect our Ninjas.

As you can imagine the base respirator, or the paper fiberglass insulation respirator mask is the least expensive option the next step would be the 3M 6100 followed by the full-face mask. So, if you are concerned about the possibility of breathing in harmful particulate while working in the crawl space, I would invest in the full-face masks and the P100 filters.

Other Crawl Space Insulation Safety Gear

Protecting the lungs is very important but also protecting the eyes, nose, knees and hands. The full-face mask is way better at protecting your lungs and eyes. If you decide to go with 1/2 face fiberglass insulation respirator mask design like the 3m 6300, you can always get yourself a pair of safety glasses but in many cases safety glasses tend to fog up. The full-face fiberglass insulation respirator mask gives you less of a chance of fogging up. A couple of other notable items would be good gloves as well as knee-pads, safety shoes and perhaps a full mold removal bodysuit with hood and booties. Make sure you stay safe in those crawl spaces thanks for reading.

About Michael Church

Michael Church has been involved with indoor air quality since 2005 and feels the unhealthy crawl space is one of the major problems causing poor indoor air quality.